The Sheeple site is based on a concept of social interaction we like to call Success by Sharing. The key to success, whether it is simply personal fulfillment, finding some information you need, or promoting your business is to participate in an active manner, ie: social interaction and engagement.

Although of course simply reading is a very important type of participation, more active participation by posting comments, opinion, ideas, information, questions, stories, etc is even better. Some parts of this site are limited to those who actively participate. ie: participating earns points, points opens advanced features of the site.

Additionally, if you are seeking to promote your businesses you can do so through our experts section and your business promotion is included automatically with your social participation. You can simply interact in an informative manner and your business promotion is automatic! This concept is much different and more advanced than "signature links" common in many other forums.

To keep track of your participation, points are computed based on your forum, notes and tagging participation. They are calculated in the following manner. Please keep in mind we may change this calculation from time to time. The points are usually updated after a moderator has reviewed everyone's forum posts. ie: cut and paste posts, irrelevant posts, attempts at "link dropping" will be deleted before points are calculated and won't help you.

Here is a brief rundown of how points are calculated:

  • A new forum post (or interview) gets 3 points. (You can even post YouTube videos and earn points; use Post Message -- Post YouTube video from the forum menu)
  • A reply to a forum post gets 1 point.
  • A link in a post or reply gets an additional point. Note: only the first time a link is used counts. The objective is that you use links that are interesting and relevant to a specific post, not generic "signature" type links.
  • Adding a "note" gets 1/2 point.
  • Tagging something gets 1/4 point.
  • Participation over the most recent 8 weeks is used and points lose value each week.

Please keep in mind that you should never link to your own website with a forum post. By setting up an expert page your business will be automatically promoted. Links on forums posts are restricted to links that are directly relevant to the post.

Here is a brief rundown of the benefits of participation on Sheeple:

  • Participating as an expert and a free banner ad to promote your expert page.
  • Submit article to our article library for users with 5 or more points.
  • Include a link (per the above guidelines) with forum posts (for users with 6 or more points).
  • Posting press releases

These features are limited, to those with points to ensure quality and continued participation and discourage link dropping and uninteresting posting.

Summary of great ways to promote yourself, business, products and/or services on ##SITE:

  • Forum participation
  • Article library
  • RSS feed tagging (submit your RSS Feed and Tag it)
  • Notes (twitter like posts, organized by specific topic)
  • Commenting on forum posts, RSS feed posts, notes and blog posts
  • Participation as an expert (see below)

Participation as an expert:

  • All posts, etc are tagged with the expert icon.
  • All posts, photos, etc automatically include a link to your expert page.
  • Mini-website (ie: expert page) which allows you to create HTML pages bridging the gap between your site participation and your business.
  • Free banner ad linking to your expert page (displayed across the entire site, impressions prorated by your participation).
  • Expert profiles listed ahead of regular users.

* Note on forum posts and links. Our forums allow one link to be included with a forum post. This link is SEO friendly, ie: it is a dofollow link. We do not allow URLs or Links to be pasted in the text of a post (and such will be deleted).

Additionally, the links included with a forum post must be directly relevant to the post and not general "signature" type links. For links to your own website, please review our expert pages.

Webmaster Interview: The one exception is our "webmaster interview" you can complete this without any points and include a SEO friendly link to your own website. You will even earn points doing this! You can find the webmaster interview under "Post Message" on the menu bar in our forum.

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Important information.

This page is part of a social network. People may choose to participate here for personal, commercial or other reasons. Please keep in mind that posts or other information here may be: 1) advertisements and not personal opinions, and 2) that any products or services mentioned here may not work exactly as the promoter describes or promises.

Please verify all claims and use an escrow service for any signficiant purchases.

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