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Kudos are a simple way of acknowledging other members for making interesting, useful, relevant or good posts. It's a way of thanking someone for going out of their way to actively participate in the Sheeple Community and provide you with some interesting perspective or knowledge.

If you come to the Sheeple Community, it stands to reason that you may be seeking advice, knowledge or understanding about the topics here. If you aren't typically one who likes to participate by commenting on posts or writing something yourself, by rewarding a writer who has written something that is particularly interesting to you, you will help others seeking the same knowledge by giving that writer kudos. The information presented in the community will be organized in a fashion that is most relevant to those seeking knowledge, because those taking the time to educate you will gain kudos and those posts will be more prominently displayed.

You can give anyone kudos anytime, simply click the "kudos" button next to a post and it will automatically be registered. Not only will this acknowledge the other member, but will also help us organize the most useful and best content for everyone to read in the community.

Of course you can earn kudos too! It's easy. Just participate and as others like your posts you'll receive kudos. The more you participate, the more kudos you can earn.

Kudos are displayed as stars, from 1 to 5 stars. The more kudos, the more stars. The stars are shown next to all your posts and also in the menu bar so you can see how you are doing. Remember if you want more, post more.

Note: the stars update a couple times a day but not always immediately.

Enjoy the Sheeple Community.

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